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Truck Lenders Vendor Division

The two questions every one of your prospects ask are:

What are the benefits of this acquisition?

How am I going to pay for it?
In small, entrepreneurial companies, cash is critical. Many of these companies live "hand to mouth" with no real reserves except for major emergencies. Companies like these invariably
need outside help to acquire your equipment.

In big companies, managers must justify each new acquisition in order to obtain the necessary funding. There are often committees and budget concerns to address. Managers must prepare justification reports and follow time consuming procedures to get money allocated to their projects. These roadblocks can be more daunting than a simple cash shortfall is for a small
entrepreneur, but many of these managers can authorize leases.

There is a third category of prospect. It is the company which would love to have your equipment but because of past credit problems doesn't qualify for conventional loans or leases.

All of these are leasing opportunities that Truck Lenders can address which will help you close the sale.

Getting Started

To find out more about putting us to work for you, simply complete our Vendor Information Profile and provide us with information on the equipment you sell. One of our experienced vendor account specialists will handle the rest - including providing you with sales materials and Lease Applications.

1. Funding Capabilities
2. Submission Guidelines
3. Internal Processing
4. Funding

Funding Capabilities

**The client's credit score will ultimately determine their Lease Program**

680 FICO and Above:
• 48 HR FastLease program w/ same day approvals(we can get docs out within 48 Hrs. of   credit submittal).
• App-Only clients need just a credit app & invoice to fund deal.
• Client must have at least 3 yrs Time In Business and a minimum revolving balance of 50%.
• Up to $100k app only, $100k+ will require 2 yrs financials.
• Titled vehicles are limited @ 7rs old, Titled trailers @ 10yrs old.
• We are competitive with the largest banks on interest rates.
• Option for $0 down and as little as 12 month term.
• Can be written as a LEASE or a LOAN (EFA-Equipment Finance Agreement).

600-680 FICO:
• Same day approvals in most cases.
• Can finance client's with less than 3 yrs Time In Business but limited on dollar amount.
• 1st & last payment due at Lease signing.
• Some deals may require 1 yr tax business tax returns based on overall credit picture.
• Can be written as a LEASE or a LOAN in some cases (credit decision to be made by   Truck Lenders' underwriting).

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Submission Guidelines

Required Documents:

Signed credit application (Vendor app OK but must be legible)
Vendor Invoice (must include Year, Make, Model, Vin/Serial #; if titled include mileage,   engine specs, composition and dimensions of trailer if applicable; non-titled include usage   hours)
Titled Asset Detailed Specification Sheet (in some cases Invoice will suffice if required   info is included)

**Remember, this is an EQUIPMENT LEASE and is written as a business transaction, therefore Truck Lenders must receive detailed information regarding the client's company**

**If these questions aren't answered on the application, please be prepared to answer the following in writing or over the phone prior to submission:

• Complete legal business name of the lessee. Please include the DBA name if there is one.
• Type of business entity (i.e. corporation, sole prop, etc.)
• Nature of the lessee's business.
• Time in business.
• Business address and phone number.
• Equipment location address if different than the business address.
• Full name, address, phone number and social security number for all guarantors. Please also   include the ownership percentage.
• General description of the equipment with price. Please make sure you indicate whether the   equipment is new or used.
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**Truck Lenders will evaluate each submitted deal on an individual basis and make an informed credit decision based on a number of factors:

• What is the client's Experian credit score?
• What is the revolving available balance on the client's credit? (typically we will look for at least   50% available)
• How long has the client's company been in business?
• Is the client's company in good standing with the Secretary of State?
• What is the client's ability to support the debt? (we will typically request a bank rating from the   lessee's business checking account)
• What is the condition of the asset to be financed? (Is the asset valuable on the resale market   in comparison to the vendor's selling price?)

**Upon consideration of these factors, Truck Lenders shall issue an Approval or Decline to the credit request**

**Applications submitted by 12 noon PST will generate an Approval or Decline by the end of the same business day. Applications submitted after 12 noon PST will in most cases receive a decision transmittal the following morning**
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**Upon receipt of the original copies of the signed Lease Documents, along with a check from the client's business bank account for the upfront monies that apply, Truck Lenders shall proceed to transaction funding**

**Truck Lenders will conduct a final verification of the client's business information (to include legal name, address and telephone directory verification) and confirm the details of the equipment to be financed with the appropriate vendor:

• Final Vendor Invoice must be formatted correctly per Truck Lenders instructions
• Long Haul Trucking transactions will require tracking device installation prior to funding
• Site inspection required on deals over $25,000 (in most cases can be ordered and completed   within 24 hrs of receipt of Lease Documents).
• Insurance Binder MUST be completed and formatted per Truck Lenders instructions
• Title Work will be completed by Vendor or Truck Lenders on a per deal basis, and transaction   shall not fund until all Titling Work is properly formatted
• Pre-funding may occur on a per deal basis as necessary
• Vendors shall be paid via overnight check and will be provided with a tracking number.
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Get Financing
To find out more about putting us to work for you, simply complete our Vendor Information Profile and provide us with information on the equipment you sell. One of our experienced vendor account specialists will handle the rest - including providing you with sales materials and Lease Applications.
General Assets
Truck Lenders offers the skills and know-how to get deals past the funding hurdle.Our account representatives are trained to work closely with you to structure even the most difficult deals.
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